Comanche Ranch Horseback Ride

Are you up for a new horseback adventure?  We have the horses, saddles and trails.  You may ride your own horse as well! Just bring  a hat or cap, jacket, boots or shoes (no flip flops), camera and get ready for a fantastic time!

Ed Spears, cowboy, story teller and historian

To keep our horses, guests and guides happy we vary the trail rides. There are over 8000 acres of ponderosa pine forest, aspen parks and grassy pastures with trails. We frequently see wild life including mule deer, elk, turkeys, magpies, stellar blue jays, ravens, eagles, prairie dogs, badgers and snowshoe hares.

Currently there are several different routes we ride.  Each tour is 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours long and vary from easy to difficult terrain.  You have the option of renting horses from us or ride your own horse.  All rides are guided by our staff.

Wild Tom Turkeys

These are semi-wild turkeys who come up to be fed every morning.  They are our alarm clock with no snooze button.

horse types
We have all kinds of horses

E Town Horses

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